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Warrior Wednesday Five
Warrior Wednesday is here! Representing the hardcore badasses of the fitness industry. These people put their bodies through some of the most stressful and difficult movements possible to achieve the fitness results they want. If you want to be featured in our next warrior wednesday, send a photo to kylerjackson@dedfit.com tumblr_mngexhZnWw1qdjo2ho1_500tumblr_mngf3eZ92O1qdjo2ho1_500EllaAnne7Obstaclestumblr_mel7a7kavV1rqlia6o1_500tumblr_mfvgscIPZZ1qmtkzko1_500tumblr_mngh7xcQHE1qdjo2ho1_500tumblr_mnhbhduMo71qdjo2ho1_500tumblr_mni2t7H8rA1qdjo2ho1_500tumblr_mni60yUUrw1qdjo2ho1_500tumblr_mni63nCHXM1qdjo2ho1_500tumblr_mnj1unMHI21qdjo2ho1_500WarriorDash-triptych11jason 1-resized-600
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