Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday is a day where we honor and respect those who have made incredible transformations. Now I know we will get comments about steroids and about how someone looked better before but the true fact is, no one cares about your opinion on that. These people clearly realized that what they were was not who they wanted to be so they worked their asses off to improve their lives. We’re here to motivate our fans and followers, not to critique the physique of someone who just reduced their risk of heart disease by 40%. Enjoy these transformations and I hope this can motivate some of you to make a change. alexkladder-2duswdav-transformationfabrice92jespin-transformationmirubila-transformationnhodsonnmc109percjesterppartricrachael5000rdf803realityforce.roman195royalbluffspwilliams-transformation

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