How I Train Legs

Training legs is an absolute necessity. People bitch and moan about how hard it is, how painful it is, how they can't walk after, but if there is one day you should never skip, it's leg day. There is never an excuse besides a severe injury that should be accepted by you or your training partners for skipping leg day. Pure and simple, if you aren't working legs, you need to man up and stop being a pussy. Here are a few reasons for you to always train legs: -Working them releases extra testosterone and growth hormone in your body which will lead to gaining muscle mass and burning fat. -Squatting and deadlifting works your entire body. -The more powerful your legs, the stronger you will be in all of your upper body lifts. Bench and overhead press require leg strength to drive to weight. -Big legs make your body more symmetrical. Most commonly, people lack lower body but will have well-developed upper bodies. -The mental and physical difficulty, makes you stronger and prepares you to push yourself harder in everything you do. -Working legs builds your core -Builds up bones, tendons and ligaments of the lower body -Legs have the most metabolism boosting ability -Training legs will improve functionality and skill in all other sports They have always been my favorite muscle group to work and I usually train them twice a week when I can. The most important thing is to get a solid muscle-mind connection and contraction on every rep, while pushing yourself beyond your mental and physical limits. Many people train legs for rep ranges of 3-10 reps, but with the massive amount of muscle fibers in your quads, hams, glutes, and calves, they need higher rep ranges to grow. Another mistake commonly made is purely training too heavy. I love squatting and leg pressing as heavy as I can, but if you aren't dropping the weight down fully for a good solid contraction, you are wasting your time and risking serious injury. My leg day changes every time for muscle confusion to promote continuous growth, but here is an example of one of my recent leg days(also one of my most difficult): Leg Extensions: 2 Warmup Sets of 20 reps 3 working sets with 110lb: 1 working set includes: 20 reps 10 second rest 18 reps 10 second rest 16 reps 10 second rest 12 reps 10 second rest 10 reps 10 second rest 5 forced negatives pushed down by a training partner. Then I repeat that 2 more times. V-Squat Machine: 1 plate on each side: 20 reps 2 plates on each side: 20 reps 3 plates on each side: 16 reps 4 plates on each side: failure at 12-15 reps Drop Set from 5 plates on each side, maximum of 15 seconds rest if you need to take a break in between drop sets. 5 plates: 8 reps 4 plates: 8 reps 3 plates: 10 reps 2 plates: 15 reps 1 plate: 20 reps Lying Hamstring Dumbbell Curls: 25 pound dumbbell held in between my feet lying face down and backwards on a decline bench. 4 sets of 20 reps(Focus on the contraction in your hamstrings and calves) Lying Hamstring Curl Machine: 3 sets with 50 pounds: 1 set consists of: 10 full reps, 20 partial reps on the bottom of the movement, 10 full reps, 20 partials Stairstepping: 20 minutes while contracting Hips, Glutes, Hamstrings and Calves at the extended point of each step. You should feel it distinctly in your glutes and hips. So there it is, just one of my recent leg day workouts. Remember, this workout is very difficult and for intermediate to advanced bodybuilders and weightlifters only, but I figured it could help some of you hit your legs better, as well as inspire some beginners to get working on their legs. I'm telling you right now that there will be guys who read this and with their big ego, think that they could easily do this. If you're one of those guys, do this exact workout with exact weights, and you will not be so confident anymore.  Be safe and get big.

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