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How I Bulk: Meal Tips
I get in between 5500-7000 calories a day of clean foods and this is how I do it. 8 meals a day. Each meal, I have at least a pound of protein and the same amount of carbs, meaning if I have a bowl full of meat, I will have the same size bowl filled with carbs. The carbs should be made up of fibrous vegetables, starches, or other complex carbs. You need about 14-17% of your diet to contain fats, preferably healthy fats. Only add the fats as snacks or when you're eating ultra lean meats. So here are the sources of each that I use: Protein: Bison Buffalo Ostrich Turkey Tilapia Salmon Chicken Tuna Eggs Cottage Cheese Greek Yogurt Milk Post Workout Protein Matrix (Whey, Casein, Egg) Carbs: Whole Wheat pasta Brown Rice Ezekiel Break Whole grain pancakes Sweet Potato Pancakes Sweet Potato Baked Potato Spinach Broccoli Raisins Carrot Juice Other fruits and vegetables Fats: Avocado Almonds Olives Take a fish oil supplement always Mixed Nuts Almond Butter Natural Peanut Butter Pack meals to bring with you throughout the day or you WILL skip meals and not even realize it. Eat just about every 2 hours if not before that. Always have casein and ZMA before bed.
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