Q and A: Some Of The Basics

This is a Q&A from some questions I was recently asked by someone who wanted to learn some of the basics. These are my personal opinion and in no way are they guaranteed facts. Always do your own research and educate yourself before making these decisions. Feel free to contact me at kylerjackson@dedfit.com or on the Contact page if you have more questions. 1. Is it true that I should have a protein shake or wholefood protein before I go to bed? Casein protein or milk before bed is important to take regularly because it is a slow-digesting protein and this provides your body with fuel for protein synthesis while you sleep. What this means is that your muscle will be fully maintained for the 4 hours that the casein in active in your body. When your body has no more protein to provide muscle maintenance, it starts breaking down muscle to use as energy. It also will raise your fat metabolism so that you can lose fat while you sleep.   2. Should I have a protein shake or extra protein (besides my usual meals) on my days off? It's not absolutely necessary but 2 circumstances could be beneficial: the pre-bed casein or a Whey protein shake immediately upon waking up to start fueling your muscle right away and get your metabolism boosted for the day.   3. What is the difference between a "regular" whey protein  and isolate protein? "Regular" proteins are cheaply produced. Whey isolate is so expensive because it is ultra filtered and the purest form of protein. What this means is that you will absorb a higher percentage of that protein shake made of isolate, than you would with muscle milk or another cheap protein.    4. Are store brand protein powders better or worse then the premium brands out there? All the DedFit trainers have worked at nutrition shops at one point or another. We cannot name specific names, but store brand supplements in most of those places are nothing special. Private Labeling is the process having the same product as multiple other companies, but having your own label put on the product. The truth is, there are only so many protein providers in the world and most protein powder you are buying originally came from the same source. So the differences that will matter to you in the store will be flavoring, additives, and textures. Learn the difference between different strains of protein and educate yourself on the other ingredients used in supplements. Do not be the guy that relies on the sales people in a nutrition shop to decide what you are going to put in your body every day.   5. What is the ideal work out schedule for gaining muscle / weight? There are many training schedules that will work very well to achieve muscle/weight gain. It just depends on the person. Here are two examples of good workout splits for beginners:             5 Day Split: Chest Back Legs Shoulders Arms   4 Day Split: Chest and Triceps Back and Biceps Shoulders Legs

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