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New Health Benefits of Sun Exposure
Scientists have found that over the years, the studies of sun exposure haven’t been as accurate as they had originally thought. Everyone knows the health benefits of Vitamin D received from the sun, but there are hidden health effects that were not known until recently. They are now putting two and two together, and are seeing that sun exposure is actually lowering blood pressure, therefore causing fewer and fewer heart problems such as stokes or heart attacks. They have found that nitric oxide is released when the sun touches our skin, which in turn lowers blood pressure. As you probably know, hypertension, or “high blood pressure”, is known as the “silent killer”. It slowly will clog up and harden arteries, while taking a heavy toll on the brain and kidneys as well. If taking the risk of Melanoma ends up saving the health of your internal organs, wouldn’t you be willing to risk that? They did a study with 24 people, where half were exposed to both UV rays and a heat lamp while the other group was exposed to just the heat lamp. Their results showed that the group who was exposed to UV rays and the heat lamp experienced lower blood pressure and a raised heart rate that lasted for about 50 minutes after exposure. Doctor Richard Weller says, "If this confirms that sunlight reduces the death rate from all causes, we will need to reconsider our advice on sun exposure.” Keep in mind, Nitric Oxide is a chemical released in the body that expands blood vessels, allowing increased vascularity and assisting in muscle growth and fat loss through a more efficient cardiovascular system. Plus, if tanning for 5 to 10 minutes a few times a week, allowed you to have even better pumps in the gym, I know the bodybuilders reading this would be more than happy to receive that benefit. Now, I have to express one more benefit of Nitric Oxide in your system. Many people know that the base ingredients of sexual enhancing supplements are Nitric Oxide boosters because it increases blood flow, allowing for healthier and more reactive sexual stimulation. Take this information as you will, but I’m informing you that if contact from the sun enhances Nitric Oxide levels, it has the potential to stimulate sexual performance in males and stimulation in females. Do not go overboard and start tanning for an hour a day, but take this information into consideration and enjoy the benefits of natural Nitric Oxide production. Written by: Stacey Smyth and Kyler Jackson
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